Tom Stoddart - Bosnia

Photograph: Tom Stoddart 

Our Aim

We aim to ensure that the lives and experience of those who survived the genocide in Bosnia, particularly those who escaped to Britain as refugees, are passed on to future generations and not consigned to oblivion. 


There are many lessons to be learned from what happened in Bosnia in the 1990s, but there is no more powerful way to engage with the history of that catastrophe than to listen to the stories of those who witnessed it first-hand. 


We believe survivor testimony and accompanying authentic memorabilia, is a key component of effective genocide education. By personalising history in this way, it allows those listening to move beyond dry statistics and connect with the lived experience of war, and in doing so to reflect on its contemporary relevance.  


We invite you to join us in bearing witness to those who endured genocide and honour survivors fighting for peace and justice. 

“History rounds skeletons off to zero. A thousand and one is still a thousand. The one, as if he had never been.”

("Obóz głodowy pod Jasłem / Hunger camp at Jasło") Wisława Szymborska