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‘Emina’ by Quinn Green

‘Emina’ is a song inspired by Smajo Beso’s story about his aunt Emina. At the age of 38, she was tragically killed by Bosnian-Croat forces during the war against Bosnia. Her nephew Smajo shared her compelling story which has been transformed, in her memory, into a powerful and moving song by Skimstone Arts’ ECHO artist Quinn as part of their ‘Who Holds the Torch? Radio broadcasts for Holocaust Memorial Day 2021.


The lyrics pay tribute to the experiences and love of someone who gave their family strength during difficult times. Emina was a light in the darkest moments, through the hardships of a war, and continues to be a light and source of strength for her family to this day. Although she is no longer with them, she is still in their hearts.


Emina is written and performed by Quinn Green.

Keyboards by Claire Webster Saaremets

Bass BY Peter Saaremets


Listen to the full songbook here: Who Holds The Torch? | Skimstone Arts

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