Smajo Beso
Smajo Beso
Smajo Beso


We believe survivor testimony is a key component of effective genocide education. Putting a human face to history and interacting with survivors is one the most valuable sources of information and is far more powerful than any history book.


We aim to ensure that the lives and experience of those that survived the genocide in Bosnia, particularly those that escaped to Britain as refugees, are passed on to future generations and not consigned to oblivion. There are many lessons to be learned from what happened in Bosnia and one of the most powerful ways to engage with this subject is through engagement with those who witnessed it first-hand. By personalising history in this way, it allows those listening to explore its lessons in depth and reflect on its contemporary relevance. Join us to bear witness to those that endured genocide and honour survivors fighting for peace and justice.


Please let us know if you would like to invite a survivor to your activity or event. If it is not possible for a survivor to attend your event and share their experience in person, we can arrange for a survivor to speak to your group via a virtual platform. Equally, you may consider reading a testimony, showing a video or film, or playing a podcast of a survivor speaking.


We have worked with many organisations, charities, schools, and colleges allowing individuals to hear first-hand testimony and to date we have reached approximately 15,000 – 20,000 people since we began our work.


Please note, when requesting a survivor to speak, you will need to provide the following information to help us process your request.


  • Date, time, and purpose of activity / event

  • Audience profile (age, size, topics of interest)

  • Location of program, address

“Huge thanks to Smajo for sharing his moving story and teaching us about the impact of prejudice in Bosnia.

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