Tom Stoddart - Bosnia

Photograph: Tom Stoddart 

What we do

Bosnian Genocide Educational Trust aims to humanise and give a voice to history through collection and preservation of testimonies, personal objects and education. We remember, raise awareness, and educate people about the Bosnian Genocide and the important lessons to be learned today. By providing speakers, educational material, activity resources, study trips and much more, we hope to challenge perceptions of social justice, morality and human rights.


Between 1992 and 1995, Bosnia became the scene of the worst atrocities on European soil since the Holocaust, including the Srebrenica massacre, recognised as an act of genocide by the International Criminal Court. People were killed, raped, and incarcerated just because of the ethnic group they happened to belong to.


The Bosnian war exposed just how vulnerable and fragile society can be and that we must never be complacent or take peace for granted. The lesson from Bosnia is that peace is more than just the absence of war: it is all of the actions and processes through which war is made less likely. 


The experience of Bosnia shows that we must challenge all forms of prejudice, hatred, and discrimination whenever we encounter it. We all have a part to play. 

How we do it

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+ gathering survivor + refugee stories

+ Gathering personal objects

+ publications

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+ workshops + talks (incl. schools,              colleges, universities)

+ providing educational resources

+ study trips to Bosnia

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+ art + cultural projects (including exhibitions, plays, performances, music etc.)

+ commemorative events + activities

+ Srebrenica Memorial Day events