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Photograph: Holocaust Memorial Day Trust


Education through storytelling is the foundation of our Trust. Through our resources we encourage the listener to engage with history on a human level. We also facilitate many different ways to engage with these stories in our outreach programmes and are continuously developing new and creative means of engagement.

Smajo Beso Family


Our resources can help you learn more about the Bosnian Genocide to use for research, teaching material or events. Explore our Oral History Archive containing personal stories of those affected by the Bosnian Genocide including survivors, particularly those who came to the UK as refugees, second generation Bosnians living in the UK, as well as aid workers and journalists etc that were in Bosnia at the time. Follow the links below to explore our current resources.

Outreach Programmes


Our outreach programmes allow participants to explore lessons from Bosnia in more depth and reflect on its contemporary relevance to us here in the UKOur current available programmes are:

“The Court concludes that the acts committed at Srebrenica … were committed with the specific intent to destroy in part the group of the Muslims of Bosnia and Herzegovina as such; and accordingly, that these were acts of genocide.”

International Court of Justice

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