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Screening_ The Fog of Srebrenica

Screening: The Fog of Srebrenica

On 10th July 2018, BGET, formerly known as the Bosnian British Institute, organised and hosted a screening of the ‘The Fog of Srebrenica’ with award-winning director Samir Mehanovic, who introduced the documentary and joined for a post-screening question and answer session at Newcastle City Library.

‘The Fog of Srebrenica’, portrays the long-term impact of the Bosnian genocide and is based on harrowing testimonies and confessions of survivors who struggle to cope with the past. It tells the story of the extraordinary men and women who survived the genocide and raises serious and profound questions about the nature of human existence, war, and forgiveness. It also tackles the failure of the international community to protect innocent civilians and offer justice to victims of war crimes.

'The Fog of Srebrenica' presents interviews that are structured in chapters, each of which handles a new phase of this atrocity: the chaos and desperation, the starvation, the severely weakened Bosnian troops marching through the woods – a hellish ordeal that few survived. The sometimes-shocking images of the past drag up the horrors of a nightmare that just won’t end.

About Samir Mehanović

Bosnian born, Scotland based, Samir Mehanović is a film and theatre director, producer, and screenwriter. He has previously received the BAFTA Scotland award for Best First Time Director for the short film The Way We Played, which has screened at over 30 festivals.

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