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Smajo Beso

Our Mission

To learn from the genocide and genocide survivors from Bosnia by reflecting on survivor’s lived experience of war to reflect on its contemporary relevance.

To humanise history by replacing faceless statistics and numbers with real human experience.

To give a voice to those who lived through the genocide in Bosnia and came to the UK as refugees.

To create opportunities for all people to be heard and have their stories validated.

To empower those who believe they do not have a voice.

To encourage people to challenge all forms of prejudice, hatred and discrimination.

To promote peace and acts of peace.

To facilitate dialogue about our differences and similarities.

To support other peace initiatives and work with our local communities and different faith groups to promote peace.

To inspire individuals to consider their responsibilities to their communities.

To include the Bosnian genocide in the national curriculum.

To inspire critical thinking, empathy, personal growth, and awareness of social issues.

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