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Survivor speaker

Photograph: Holocaust Memorial Day Trust


Our resources include the UK Bosnian Memory Archive, which provides educational material that be read or listened to at events, or used as a basis for educational activities for both children and adults, and also a range of other storytelling projects that can be used as educational tools including podcasts, songs, poetry, events, film, and photography. One of the best ways to engage with learning about the Bosnian genocide is to listen to the people who experienced it first-hand. 

Smajo Beso Family

UK Bosnian Memory Archive

BGET houses a collection of oral and written survivor testimonies, particularly from Bosnians who came to the UK as refugees. Our survivor testimony archive provides educational resources that can be read or listened to at events, or used as a basis for activities. We are constantly working to develop and expand our archive to help you learn about the Bosnian genocide and plan your own events.

We are interested in collaborating with educators, teachers, artists and other creative professionals to develop educational resources based on these testimonies.

Rebuilding Lives

Additional Resources 

Explore our collection of storytelling resources including podcasts, songs, poetry, events, film, and photography. These resources are free and available for you to use for your own educational purposes.

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